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New version of Xpand Portal product is available
The new version of Xpand Portal brings enhancements ranging from simplified attachment management, optimized tagging, collaborative commenting, improved portal member consent logs, and various bug fixes to optimize performance.
Dec 7, 2023 news Xpand Portal
Collection of impressions from Xpand’s professionals inspired by their experiences at the 2023 Directions EMEA conference, highlighting insights, technological advancements, and transformative motivations.
Discover the firsthand experiences of Xpand's team members at the 2023 EMEA Directions conference. Read insights from Anna Lahno, Inna Hrasevych, Oksana Hryshan, and Yuliia Ilchenko as a part of #MicrosoftTechnologyInsightsMonth, exploring the innovative approaches and inspirations they gained.
pand's Finance Manager, Pavlo Pylypenko, discusses financial stability in the IT sector amidst crises. Navigate the challenges of war, global economic shifts, and AI impact with Xpand's thoughtful strategic decisions for sustained success.
We had a conversation with Pavlo Pylypenko, the Finance Manager at Xpand, delving into the current state of the IT industry in Ukraine, financial resilience during the crisis, and how Xpand has navigated through rough times. We also explored the potential future challenges the company may encounter.
Nov 23, 2023 news UAbusiness
SCHO/ЩО? вебінар: Технології Microsoft -Технології Microsoft: що існує на ринку, для яких цілей і як ви можете стати його частиною. Приєднуйтеся до експертів Xpand, гендиректора Івана Черкашина, та дізнайтеся більше про глобальні тренди.
Онлайн вебінар "ЩО? Просвіта" від компанії Xpand у рамках ініціативи SCHO/ЩО? Захід спрямований на студентів, бізнес-аналітиків, технічних спеціалістів та всіх, хто цікавиться технологіями Microsoft.
Nov 20, 2023