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Qvaba Search

The future of the fast and big data for Microsoft Dynamics NAV has arrived! Qvaba Search is a revolutionary new search engine add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It allows you to search in any table of an NAV database with blazing fast response time and taking into account linguistic forms in your own language. Xpand has created the simplest tool with the most powerful features.


Xpand Portal

Because of the nature of business and increasing competition, it has become important for almost any company to have a possibility to provide a near real-time access to their operational and financial data for their customers. This would bring both parties closer to each other allowing customers to check the status of their orders, track invoicing activity and goods movement, etc., in a fast and easy way saving huge amount of time for things which really bring value to their productivity. We made it possible. A modern, simple, flexible, secure and incredibly fast customer web based portal – this is what you have been looking for and finally can get with Xpand Portal.

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