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What will change in Xpand Portal
Get a sneak peek into the future of Xpand Portal with our upcoming UI/UX redesign, designed to simplify data access and enhance user engagement.
Extending Xpand’s presence in Lithuania
Unveiling Xpand's New Chapter in Klaipeda with Insights from Eric Robbeets and Anzhela Pozdniakova. The unexpected expansion into a new country has sparked curiosity among many. Delve into an exclusive interview with our key players behind Xpand's latest endeavor in Lithuania, as they unveil their thoughts, aspirations, and plans for this exciting leap forward. Discover how this strategic move aligns with Xpand's core values of growth, client-centricity, and innovation, marking a promising milestone in the company's journey.
Aug 31, 2023 news
New version of Xpand Portal product is available
Xpand Portal's latest release version introduces a range of new enhancements, including enhanced filtering capabilities, simplified layout control, improved member management, and more. Experience a smoother and more efficient user journey with this latest release.
Aug 17, 2023 news Xpand Portal
Building a Strong Compliance Management System for Business Success
In today's dynamic corporate landscape compliance is an imperative aspect applicable to all businesses, regardless of their size or industry.
Aug 10, 2023 news UAbusiness