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New version of Xpand Portal product is available
In Xpand Portal version, we introduce new improvements to elevate user comfort, simplify navigation, and ensure a competitive and stable CMS system.
Jul 19, 2024 news Xpand Portal
Xpand Portal: Implementing best practices in UI/UX design| Insights from Anastasiia Kutsab
Explore the main components and trends in UI/UX design for 2024. Discover how Xpand Portal integrates these principles to improve user experience and business performance.
Jul 17, 2024 news Xpand Portal
Engineer’s reflections on BC Tech Days 2024: Insights and experiences in Antwerp.
Attending BC Tech Days 2024 in Antwerp offered an enriching experience with insightful sessions and valuable networking opportunities for Xpand. This article provides reflections and highlights from a software development engineer's perspective.
Time never stands still, and now more than ever, investing in your knowledge and development is essential.
Jun 14, 2024 news academy Xpand14