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Version of Xpand Portal has been released! Learn about improvements and new features in the article.
Typically, each company has some routine transactions (i.e. purchases) for which the operationist’s decision is enough and those that require additional approval from the management. For example, you may need to control sales orders for specific customers or purchases for amounts higher than 10000 EUR. An easy-to-set-up functionality in MSDYN365BC allows automating of the approval process, which can put on hold a transaction before needed approver(s) have had it reviewed and accepted. In this article, we will show you how to set up approvals in MSDYN365BC for a purchase order document and explain what the available setup options mean.
We are happy to introduce a new version of Xpand Portal! Read on to learn what’s new in Xpand Portal
Oct 21, 2020 news Xpand Portal
We’re proud to announce that Xpand has earned a Gold membership in Microsoft Partner Network. Read on to learn more…
Jul 31, 2020 news Xpand Golden Partner