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Blogs: Development
Results of Developers Academy with Xpand and Innoware
Academy for Developers with Xpand and Innoware recently concluded with seven participants receiving paid internships in Xpand and Innoware companies. The academy, which began in 2016, seeks out ambitious and energetic people to help the company grow and evolve. The latest academy welcomed participants from all backgrounds, including those looking to switch career fields. Positive feedback from graduates confirms that Xpand's work with young IT talent is on the right track, and their suggestions for improvement inspire new changes.
May 11, 2023 news achievements academy
Quite often performance is the key element that makes customers either very happy with a solution or very unhappy. We, at Xpand, have seen millions of lines of code and I must admit that NAV developers too seldom think about the speed of execution of what they write. Even though it is a rather compelling topic, we are not going to explore it within this article. Instead, let us concentrate on how to rewrite your code using queries and increase the speed of a solution a thousand fold!