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Xpand Academy 2023: Growing Together for a Bright Future in IT

May 11, 2023 news achievements academy

A few weeks ago, the “Developers Academy with Xpand and Innoware”, came to a successful close. Overall, more than 600 people wanted to start education in the field of IT, by choosing the academy. Thus, more than 300 entrance tests were written, 12 participants, finally, had been invited to join the Academy, but only 9 students completed their studies to the end. It was not only productive for the participants and graduates but also for the organizing companies, as their teams were replenished with new employees who showed a clear desire to develop and perform. As a result, participants who successfully finished our Academy got job offers as Junior Developers at Xpand and our partner company Innoware. We hope that this initial success will serve as a valuable push for them to gain experience in the IT industry.

At Xpand, we “Grow together, stand together. To fulfill the first part of our slogan, we seek out ambitious and energetic people with similar values and views who are willing to work hard, learn new things, and contribute their knowledge to help us grow and evolve. That's why we started our first academy in 2016, and it has now become a regular tradition. The academy allows many graduates to start their journey in a new field, and those who want to strengthen and test their knowledge to return to it again and again.

Our and Innoware’s latest academy was attended not only by those who are starting to build a career but also by people who want to change the direction of their development and choose a new field of work. We are motivated and inspired by the opportunity to bring together interesting, knowledge-hungry people on one platform and introduce them to our company, its operations, as well as Microsoft and its products.

Meanwhile, we see a positive reaction to our academy from its participants.

Danylo’s feedback: "I am delighted with the successful completion of this academy. From the very first days, we were shown that we are welcome here, we are welcome as new colleagues."

Olga’s feedback: "What could be better than training at a potential future place of employment!"

Bohdan’s feedback: “My impressions are extremely positive, I am grateful to Xpand and Innoware, to the mentors and managers who conducted the academy, for the user experience and help with familiarizing myself with the Microsoft ecosystem, in particular with Business Central.”

We believe communication with our graduates and their honest feedback is as important as the curriculum itself. Positive feedback confirms that our work with young IT talents is on the right track, while suggestions for improvement from our alumni give us an impetus to make the learning process even better. Therefore, stay tuned for announcements of new academies, and let's grow together for a bright future with Xpand.