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What's New in Xpand Portal

Jul 31, 2018 news Xpand Portal

In the latest update of Xpand Portal, which is planned to be released in mid-August, we have introduced the following new features that improve portal security and expand user possibilities:

Personalized user notifications

Xpand Portal provides the possibility to display personalized user notifications. Portal members can configure the portal in such a way that they will receive a notification about important changes made on the portal. This will help portal members to have their finger on the pulse of changes on the portal.

Mobile phone two-factor authorization

Xpand Portal now supports Google two-factor authorization. This even further improves the security level of the portal. If this two-factor authorization is configured on the portal, mere knowledge of user name and password is not sufficient to hack a portal member’s account.


Create and edit records directly on grid pages

Portal members, depending on the member role permissions, now can add and modify records directly on grid pages instead of doing it on a detail page. Simply double-click a field you want to edit to change its value if you have permissions to do so.

      Tabs on detail pages

Previously, on a detail (card) page, information could be presented in blocks organized on top of each other. Now you can add classic tabs like in most Microsoft applications.

Reorganize tiles by dragging

You can reorder tiles on the dashboard simply by dragging them within cue tile blocks.

We invite you to sign up for a demo by writing to info@xpandsoftware.com to try out Xpand Portal with all these new features!

In case you want to learn about the core features of the portal, you are welcome to view our overview and how-to videos on our Youtube channel.