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What's Updated in Xpand Portal

Dec 7, 2021 guidelines help Xpand Portal

Improved back office localization (US4778)

In this release of Xpand Portal, we are proud to introduce a possibility of choosing the Ukrainian language in user settings.

From this moment, the back office language can be set to Ukrainian in the User management window:

This is how a content will look like in Ukrainian language

Here is an example of the member management window in Ukrainian Language:

Bug fixes

Various issues have been fixed throughout Xpand Portal:

  • Fixed an issue where validations errors would not be shown when incorrect value was entered.
  • Fixed an issue where a console error would not be shown when entering invalid data in a filter.
  • Fixed an issue with alignment of value when color was applied to the value background.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect background color application in layout blocks.
  • Fixed an issue where the language switcher could be opened incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue with the image navigation buttons that were displayed incorrectly when there were many images to navigate through.
  • Fixed various UI-related issues (distance between controls, buttons and text size, text overlapping, better colors when hovering, etc.).
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect position of quick search on grids.
  • Fixed various UI-related issues in the mobile and tablet versions.

Contact us to request a demo:

Phone: +380 44 251 36 36

Email: info@xpandsoftware.com