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What's New in Xpand Portal

Jun 1, 2022 guidelines help Xpand Portal

Version of Xpand Portal introduces the following features and improvements:

Import from Excel or CSV (US5063)

New toolbar command allows you to import data from Excel or CSV. It stores records directly on server with several validation steps.

Note: To enable the new import functionality, the member must have permission to edit the grid and inline editing must also be added to the grid.

You can specify one or several fields that will be used to track unique values when importing records into the portal.

This new Import toolbar command looks like any other toolbar command on the front end:

By selecting the import button (the caption is customizable and may be page-specific like in the example above), a window will be opened with a suggestion to upload an Excel document.

Several validation processes will be executed with step-by-step reports. 

The last step will provide the member with a report of what has

been done.

In the Import setup, you can link an additional entity that will store all errors and successful operations of the step-by-step validation process so that by selecting the Details button, you could view a more detailed report that would look as shown in the example below.

“Act as another member” improvement (US4091)

Starting from this release, when a member is acting on behalf of another member and creates a record, the technical field Created by shows the member on behalf of whom a record was created. Previously this field showed the member who was acting on behalf of someone else, i.e., who used the action Act as another member.

Bug Fixes

Various issues have been fixed throughout Xpand Portal.

A detailed description of these features is available or will be added soon to our help center.

Contact us to request a demo:

Phone: +380 44 251 36 36

Email: info@xpandsoftware.com