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The strength of Xpand: what advantages and benefits have emerged during the crisis – part 2

Jul 26, 2023 news UAbusiness

We invite you to explore the first part of our expert article here.

This is second part of the interview features our company's HR manager, Oksana Kovenya, discussing the challenges that Xpand and its employees encountered during the full-scale invasion.

  • How is the company coping with the VUCA environment? How does the company deal with the threat to employees lives?

Indeed, in a VUCA environment, companies face significant challenges and require a special approach to management.

Firstly, its the flexibility and adaptability to changes, which I mentioned earlier. We follow the agile methodology, and all our business processes are designed to be highly adaptive to changes, enabling us to respond quickly to them.

Secondly, effective management and communication play an essential role. The companys management is crucial in stabilizing the situation and ensuring efficient communication. We have established an open communication culture at all levels, holding quarterly meetings with the entire team.

Additionally, in critical situations, we conduct ad-hoc meetings with the whole team to openly discuss issues, communicate company decisions, address problems, listen to employees' suggestions and ideas, as well as provide a clear action plan, goals, and actions.

The safety of our people always comes first. When the full-scale invasion began, we assisted with relocations of our employees to safer regions or abroad. In collaboration with our clients and partners, the company organized a relocation hub in Kosiv (western Ukraine) for those in need and willing to relocate there. We also created an assistance and response group to handle all relocation-related matters for those who chose to evacuate abroad. We provided financial, material, and comprehensive informational support to our employees.

To this day, we constantly monitor the whereabouts of Xpand's employees. We continue to assist with all relocation issues and offer clear recommendations on all security matters.

  • As an HR Manager, what approaches have you developed in your work during the war?

Flexibility and adaptability. I can easily completely rearrange my entire workday if the situation demands it. Change management is one of the key competencies today.

Swift communication: In critical matters, I will prioritize maximum speed in communication. Whether it's through established quick communication channels, calls, or personal messages. Emails, procedures, procedural questions, and follow-ups are important, but they will be secondary priorities.

Supporting people. Now, it's even more crucial to pay attention to people's well-being, whether they need any help or support. I strive to be cautious, honest, and open in my communication. Helping people cope with stress, providing guidance, and motivating them to grow is essential.

Working with our own resources and employee resources: in every interaction, I emphasize the importance of self-care in these challenging times. The company offers all the opportunitiesleaves, special days related to the war, flexible work arrangements, benefits, insurance, and support programs. I want each Xpandian to take care of themselves and their loved ones, and the company will assist in that.

  • How did the company attempt to mitigate risks related to project management?

First and foremost, it's ensuring the relocation of employees to safe places, as mentioned earlier, and providing them with the means to work seamlessly.

Additionally, due to the massive missile attacks, Ukraine's infrastructure suffered significant damage, leading to blackouts. However, we quickly ensured that our offices had all the necessary provisions for uninterrupted power supply: generators and Starlink kits were procured, ensuring continuous communication with employees. Those who couldn't come to the office were provided with all the necessary resources.

The company's management and project managers maintain constant communication with our clients and partners, assuring them that Xpand is operating smoothly and just as effectively.

  • What corporate responsibility does the company have towards Ukraine as a country and towards the military personnel defending our country?

We are actively working, paying all taxes, and fully complying with the relevant laws that impact our country's economy.

Furthermore, Xpand has always been, is, and will continue to be a socially responsible company. We have been actively involved in various charitable initiatives.

Currently, all of our charitable efforts are directed toward supporting our Armed Forces and honoring our heroes.

We provide support through donations to volunteer organizations and individuals. Within the company, we've initiated a "1 Salary Day" program, giving employees the option to voluntarily contribute one day's salary to assist our military.

We call upon the global community to join us in this cause. Through social media, outreach to our clients and partners, and every available means, we seek to make our voice heard and convey that Ukraine is not only fighting for its freedom but also championing democracy and liberty for the entire civilized world.

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