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Special interview with Eric Robbeets, Co-owner of Xpand, and Anzhela Pozdniakova, Director of Xpand Software Lithuania on Xpand’s New Chapter in Klaipeda.

Aug 31, 2023 news

We know that for many of you, the news of the company's expansion into a new country came as a pleasant surprise. That's why we decided to talk to our colleagues who were most involved in the opening of the new location in Lithuania, asking them about their impressions and plans for the company's new development direction. Enjoy reading!

Interviewer:  Something new is happening at Xpand and its new branch Xpand Software Lithuania. We’re here to open this curtain and to talk about the opening of our fourth office, this time in the beautiful city of Klaipeda in Lithuania.

Eric, could you share your thoughts on this milestone?

Eric Robbeets: Absolutely, we're thrilled about this new chapter. Opening our fourth office is a testament to our growth as a company and our dedication to our customers. It's an opportunity to bring even more continuity to our services, ensuring that our clients receive the same exceptional support they've come to expect from Xpand.

Interviewer:  That's fantastic! Klaipeda is a fascinating choice. Could you shed some light on why this location was selected?

Eric Robbeets: Certainly. Klaipeda's vibrant tech scene and strategic location make it an ideal choice for us. It's also a vital harbor in the Baltic Sea, which presents us with incredible opportunities for growth. We're excited about extending our logistics customer base and tapping into new avenues in this strategically significant location.
But beyond that, it's about fulfilling our commitment to our customers. By having a presence in Klaipeda, we're ensuring that our services are readily accessible to even more countries and that our clients can rely on us for the long term.

Interviewer:  And Anzhela, you're based in Klaipeda, right? Could you share your perspective on this new location?

Anzhela Pozdniakova: Absolutely, I’m beyond excited. As a long-standing member of Xpand Software Lithuania team who is passionate about the company’s growth, and being deeply rooted in Klaipeda, this is a dream come true. I see this expansion as a pivotal move. Having led a team of business analysts, I am thrilled to step into the role of Director for our first office in EU and take on this new challenge.

Interviewer:   Eric. "Grow Together!" – that's the essence of Xpand as well as Xpand Software Lithuania. How does this expansion resonate with your core values?

Eric Robbeets: "Grow Together!" is not just a phrase, it's the essence of company identity. This new office isn't just about expanding our presence, it's about providing people with opportunities to thrive within Xpand Software Lithuania. We believe in fostering growth, both for our team members and for our clients. This expansion is a reflection of that belief and for me personally also the acknowledgment to my Co-founder and good friend Sergii Chernenko that even after his passing Xpand is still following his core values.

Interviewer:  Anzhela, how do you envision the future for Xpand Software Lithuania?

Anzhela Pozdniakova: Hope, the future is incredibly bright. Our client-centric approach is designed to empower companies to excel by implementing the best business technologies and streamlining their processes. In doing so, we can contribute to the economic growth of the area and create valuable employment opportunities within the community.

We're not just opening an office; we're opening doors to new possibilities. With the team's dedication and Xpand's values guiding us, I see Xpand Software Lithuania becoming a hub of innovation, collaboration, and growth. We're ready to make our mark and contribute to the tech landscape of Klaipeda and beyond.

Interviewer:  Eric, beyond logistics, what can customers expect from this expansion?

Eric Robbeets: Continuity is the keyword here. By expanding our footprint, we're ensuring our clients receive unparalleled support and service. Whether it's existing partnerships or new opportunities, it shows Xpand’s dedication towards its future business and customers.

Interviewer:  Interesting insight. So, Anzhela, as a leader of a new branch, what's your vision for Xpand Software Lithuania?

Anzhela Pozdniakova: My vision for Xpand Software Lithuania is to establish itself as a responsible European company where business talent thrives, and customers feel the unwavering commitment of the Xpand team.

Interviewer:  Eric and Anzhela, thank you both for sharing your insights. It was a pleasure to talk to you. The opening of Xpand Software Lithuania sounds like a remarkable journey of our company's growth and continuity. We hope for more and better!

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