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Xpand Portal version introduces improvements to page parts, new Control Panel, analytics integration, and sign-up approval!

Apr 8, 2024 news Xpand Portal

With each Xpand Portal update, our goal is to improve usability and clarity in response to customer needs and market demands. In this recent version, we've implemented several improvements, all focused on providing a more user-friendly and better experience.

Xpand Portal's latest release, version, introduces conditional page parts and formatting for customized content presentation

We are excited to introduce a new convenient way to have page parts displayed or formatting applied based on conditions, tailoring portal page content presentation to specific business needs.

From now on, you can configure rules for grid records, tiles, fields, field sets, as well as page parts that must be met to:

  • Apply formatting to field values, whole records, or page elements. Formatting can change font color, background color, how value is shown, and/or add a custom tooltip. This enables users to quickly identify important information, leading to improved decision-making and productivity, as well as can draw user’s attention to important information based on specific criteria.
  • Show or hide specific page parts. This ensures that users only interact with relevant information.

An example of conditional formatting used to highlight statuses and show a custom tooltip:

Xpand Portal's latest release, version, introduces Xpand Control Panel for efficient management of demo environments

We're thrilled to unveil the Xpand Control Panel – a separate website based on the Xpand Portal product – where you can manage your demo Xpand Portal environments.

The Xpand Control Panel is a great opportunity for you to easily create a demo environment where you can explore and experiment with the latest features of Xpand Portal at your convenience.

You are welcome to sign up for the Xpand Control Panel where you can:

  • Create new environments. Each environment includes:
    • Portal front end
    • Portal back end
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with the Xpand Portal Connector app installed and automatically configured; demo data for synchronization is already added and exported to the portal.

  • View information about your created environments. Within minutes you will be able to access all the necessary details on the environment card, including license details, links to every environment layer, and credentials.

  • Delete unnecessary environments
- Xpand Portal's latest release, version, introduces integration with web analytics tools for comprehensive data tracking and analysis

There was a need to integrate Xpand Portal with web site analytics tools that would provide the ability to track, measure, and analyze all sorts of activity happening on your portal, providing valuable insights into how visitors behave and interact with your content.

To implement this functionality, Xpand Portal has been enhanced with the ability to add HTML code fragments to all portal pages. Additionally, this feature can be used to run any scripts on portal pages.

To begin utilizing external analytics tools, first, choose any of the existing analytic tools that suits your business needs (e.g., Clarity, Hotjar, Google Analytics, etc.), register your Xpand Portal site there, and then add the integration code to the portal pages.

As a result, you’ll gain insights into user interactions with your portal, allowing you to analyze potential enhancements for your clients and your business.

An example of using the Clarity analysis tool from Microsoft with an Xpand Portal environment:

- Xpand Portal's latest release, version, introduces separate email address(es) for sign-up request approval, enhancing management capabilities

Previously, emails containing new sign-up requests were sent to the addresses configured in the Report emails setting, which was used for various email reporting purposes. With the latest update, a separate person can now manage sign-up requests with the help of the new Sign-up approver emails setting. You can set up multiple people who can manage sign-up requests.

- Bug fixes and other minor improvements

To access and utilize these new features, we kindly recommend upgrading to version of the Xpand Portal.

About Xpand Portal

Xpand Portal is a web-based solution with over 7 years of market presence that provides a comprehensive and customizable product for businesses looking to streamline access to their various data sources, such as ERP and CRM systems, and improve companies’ overall productivity. It is designed to be simple and easy to use, with quick and intuitive configuration to meet your specific needs.

For detailed information about Xpand Portal, refer to our help center: https://help.xpandsoftware.com/

For detailed information about the new version of the Xpand Portal: https://help.xpandsoftware.com/xpand-portal/release-notes/2024/release-notes-

To learn how Xpand Portal can help you meet your business needs, request a demo