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Xpand Academy Opened Up New Horizons Again

Jun 14, 2024 news academy Xpand14

Time never stands still, and now more than ever, investing in your knowledge and development is essential.

When we started our first academy, we never imagined that just a few years later, we would proudly talk about the successful completion of our 14th academy. And now, as a good tradition, we want to share the results.

This year’s project focused on training Junior Developer Engineers, and we are proud to announce that the top graduates have already received offers and joined our team.

We are thrilled that our academy attracted the attention of 675 applicants who showed a desire to work and develop in the Microsoft environment. Out of these, 211 applicants passed the entrance tests, and 10 of them began their training.

These figures are not just statistics; they are evidence that our approach to education yields real results.
During the two months of the course, students completed 13 modules that covered the basics of working with Dynamics 365 Business Central, including the system architecture, installation, and configuration, and using Microsoft Azure DevOps, Visual Studio Code, and AL language. Questions & Answers sessions with our leading technical specialists and practical assignments were integral to the training process, culminating in a project that closely simulated real-work conditions. The program was intensive, and every participant put in a lot of effort to successfully complete all stages.

Knowledge is a wealth that can never be stolen. And when you try to share it, it only grows.

During these challenging times for our country, where every day brings new challenges, it is crucial for us to support everyone who seeks to open new horizons, and who is ready to spend their time and effort.

We hope that this initial success will serve as a valuable impetus for our graduates to gain further experience in the IT field within Xpand. Our goal is not only to educate new specialists but also to help them unlock their potential within our community of professionals.

Starting something new is always difficult, so we want to share some advice from our graduates to future applicants:

Denis: “Be honest, persistent, and friendly. You will definitely succeed.”

Dmytro: “Manage your time wisely and don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

Nazar: “Don’t be afraid, Google a lot, be open to learning new technologies, and gain valuable knowledge and interesting experiences. The Academy representatives are great at motivating and teaching. The main thing is to start, and the results will follow.”

Andriy: “Inspire each other, keep developing, love what you do, and simply enjoy the process.”

Stay tuned for our updates, as there are many exciting projects, new challenges, and achievements ahead. We look forward to welcoming new talented participants to the next Xpand Academies.