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From Coders to Soldiers and how we Fight for Freedom

Mar 2, 2023

For many Ukrainians, russia's war against Ukraine has been ongoing since 2014, but one of the largest wounds and deepest scars for every Ukrainian was carved on February 24, 2022.  On that morning the war invaded the home of every Ukrainian, sowed death, and ruined dreams...

Young, talented Ukrainians, those who used to write codes, be actors or brew coffee in local cafes, joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine to protect their families and stand for freedom and independence.

We are grateful to everyone who protects our children, sacrificing their dreams and makes it possible for us to do our job effectively here, in our homeland, in Ukraine.

Our special thanks to our colleagues, friends and all their family members who are heroically defending the Ukrainian frontline. Your bravery and selflessness are impressive! Our hearts beat in unison with your hearts every day. The only difference is that yours are on the front line..and ours are here... in front of computers.

We believe in Ukraine's victory over russia, light over darkness, and democracy over tyranny. 

Hence, for a long time we have been focusing on helping our friends and teammates. We have chosen several types of assistance, one of which is the provision of drones that practically perform the function of "eyes" for our intelligence forces and help them see enemy's actions day and night and under any weather conditions.

Modern technologies help our defenders to respond promptly to aggressive attacks of the enemy and, most significantly, to save lives! 

We want to hasten the victory and, therefore, we have initiated a fundraising campaign for a powerful drone called "Leleka". Our partner, Steel Wings, is a non-profit charity organization that helps us implement this initiative. You can support us and thus save hundreds or even thousands of lives of our warriors, as well as boost the victory by making a donation.  

More details here.

MANY thanks to all those who care!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!