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“To choose or not to choose” or benefits of Xpand Portal that our Partners may like

How many times have you asked yourself why a partner you have been working with for a long time has chosen your service or product? Is it a regular business where price, convenience, or the best terms of cooperation that a player can offer are decisive, or is it about the added value and quality that they provide?

I keep asking myself this question in the context of Xpand specifically, and in this case, I prefer to look at the numbers and hear the feedback from our customers. As of the end of last year, the average duration of our cooperation with a client was 3 years. Moreover, about 30% of our clients have been working with us for more than 8 years. As for me, this is a very good indicator that shows trust in us, a desire to come back with new projects and requests, and motivates us to provide even better services and think out-of-the-box together with the client.

We kindly invite you to familiarize yourself with them by following the link https://www.xpandportal.com/#study. Perhaps your clients are facing similar challenges to the ones we encountered, and we at Xpand can resolve them.

We strive to achieve the same result with our key product, Xpand Portal. We understand that long-term partnerships can only be reached by providing our partners' customers with a high-quality experience of using the product, including functionality ease, and features that exactly match the market. Why? Because the Microsoft world, which is where Xpand belongs, continues to evolve rapidly, so staying ahead of the curve is essential for partners looking to deliver more value to their customers. Along with this, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is actively advancing, and is a topic, which has gained significant attention in recent discussions within the Microsoft community. At Xpand, we went even further with Business Central functionalities. How exactly? Our Xpand Portal can seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central, offering a variety of benefits that not only enhance the customer’s experience but also open up new avenues for business growth for both Microsoft Partner and its customers. Therefore, I believe this will be a good chance to use this platform and share with you the main strengths of Xpand Portal, showing you how you can build a new product that would support and add value to solutions that have been on the market for a long time, such as ERP systems. And I will describe them below.

Ease of data exposure via Xpand Portal Connector and available API’s

One of the key advantages of Xpand Portal is its ability to effortlessly expose data from within Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central. It does not matter if your customer is still on an old Microsoft Dynamics NAV version or is already fully in the cloud. The solution achieves this through the Xpand Portal Connector available on Microsoft AppSource. This tool acts as a bridge between the on-premises or cloud-based Dynamics ERP system and Xpand Portal, facilitating the smooth and secure flow of data. 

Xpand Portal Connector allows customers key users to configure Data Entities in a very easy way by selecting any Table ID and Table Field’s in which data is stored in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central. It does not matter if it is a standard Microsoft, ISV solution, or customization table. The bottom line, it is a tool to configure an API that makes the data available for Xpand Portal. If this is not enough the solution holds out of the box API’s that allows 3rd party applications to retrieve or send data from and to Xpand Portal.

This means that the customers of the partner can now provide their clients with a comprehensive, real-time view of critical business information or exchange documents that can be stored within multiple data sources, directly on the portal. This not only could boost transparency (which is a very important business advantage), but also enable your clients to make informed decisions based on the most up-to-date data.

Portal the way you need it

To my mind, one of the attractive advantages of Xpand Portal for partners is that it is configurable. The ease of configuration is also reinforced by the fact that Xpand Portal is a low-code solution. Partners and their customers can customize the way data is presented on the portal even on their own, without the involvement of technical specialists, aligning it precisely with the unique needs and preferences of each customer. Whether it's financial data, inventory status, or customer interactions, the portal's flexibility allows partners and their customers to create a user-friendly and intuitive interface that enhances the overall user experience.

This level of configurability not only sets Xpand Portal apart but also positions partners as trusted advisors, capable of delivering solutions tailored to the specific requirements of their customers and allows customers to be involved or even fully independently create the web portal front end by themselves.

Data capture and integration with Dynamics NAV or Business Central

In addition to presenting data, Xpand Portal makes it easy to capture data directly in the portal. This is a game changer for partners as it simplifies the process of collecting valuable information from customers and end users. The portal acts as a two-way communication channel, allowing data to be easily transferred back to Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central for processing.

This bidirectional flow of information ensures that Business Central or other ERP system remain the central hub for critical business operations, while Xpand Portal serves as a user-friendly interface for data input, follow up and interaction. The result is an easy integration for better collaboration within one solution, reduction of routine work, manual data entry, and increased overall efficiency.

Obvious (or not) opportunities for you and your potential Xpand Portal users

By implementing Xpand Portal for their customers, partners not only strengthen their current offerings but can also attract new customers who have been missing features that can be easily implemented through this solution.

Furthermore, after seeing the possibilities offered by Xpand Portal, customers are often inspired to explore use cases in their organizations that were never considered optimized or implemented for their users or employees. This, in my opinion, not only deepens the relationship between the partner and its customers but also opens the door to additional sales and the potential to expand the scope of the partnership with existing or new customers.

Instead of a conclusion

I would like to summarize my article with the following - Xpand is open to partnership. Good, long-term working relationships built on mutual respect are what we have been building since the first years of the company's existence (and the company has been on the market for about 14 years) and are our main goal in the coming years.

We truly know that Xpand Portal is a quality product with modern competitive solutions and we are confident that it can simplify the lives of many customers for our future partners. So, are you ready to find out how together with us?

By the way, if you need more information about Xpand Portal solution, please contact us or me directly via LinkedIn. Our team and I will be happy to assist you with your web portal project.